one to go to christmas – how to keep calm before the big day

One night to go for the (first) big day, so it’s time to start head home (after some hiking and sightseeing of source) and finish our Christmas activities – and start cooking for the big meal (ideas, anyone? We have decided that eating the same leftovers for a week or two is not cool, so the traditional 10 dishes are not on the menu, but rather it’s yearly new surprise with traditional rice pudding enjoyed for breakfast…).

The stockings need to be stuffed, out nativity still needs to be set up (some figurines even painted too, but that’s husband’s eternity project…) gingerbread house needs some work, and kids want to craft a bit too still…


And where are our Christmas cards? I’ll be sending out the electronic version like I do every year, but it would have been great to get the cards out at least before the big day (didn’t quite happen last year, but that is why that cards also wish Happy New Year, right?).

Luckily things that we don’t manage to do before the 24th can be done on the “second” Christmas – early January when the Three Kings will arrive bearing presents for the well behaved and coal for the naughty ones…Hopefully that will keep the stress away and let us enjoy the biggest holiday of the year!

Nativitiy time

Maybe when we retire the nativity will be finished, until then it’s half-baked with self-made props and some unpainted clay-figurines

GIngerbread house

I am no jack-of-all-trades, and my house is not this cute. I was thinking of enrolling in one of those classes where one creates (assembles with professionals) a beautiful house, but no time to do so. I bet the sites like Sugarcraft, which provide pre-baked kits, and where this house comes from might not work so well for me either. We’ll see, as I say every year, I’ll improve next year….

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