one room – so many options

I was looking at old pictures and found these on our House of Anaïs, and I though this would be a great poll. Here’s our guest room, still work in progress when it comes to decor, but the focus is on the wall colours. When we moved into the house all walls were a shade of yellow, and the house felt a bit dark.

So I painted as the new base colour a creamy white, and then added some accent colours here and there. What do you think about the paint work, did it transform the room and for the better or worse? (Please vote below for I’d love to hear your views on this makeover)

All rum caramel walls

Option 1 – original house colour – yellow everywhere

Room2  caramel with bleached lichen

Option 2 – I’ve painted the house in creamy shade call “Rum Caramel” and added an accent wall, shade “Bleached Lichen”

  • Option 1: Original wall colour – light yellow (4 votes)
  • Option 2: Creamy caramel with bleached lichen accent wall (11 votes)

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