oh those ice hotels

I recently saw photos of a Finnish D-list celebrity who got married in an ice castle. Amazing concept and surroundings, although the rest of the wedding was a bit tacky. The original Ice Hotel was created in Sweden over 20 years ago, but nowadays one can find them also at least in Finland, Norway and Canada.

Lots of work and detailed sculpturing is put into these building which will only last a few months every year. Yet it seems that they come back each year with more elaborate ideas. I hope one day I make it to one of these unique hotels for a night or two. Cool it might be temperature-wise, but a stay to remember – especially if one gets lucky with the Northern Lights too!

Ice Hotel Sweden Guest room in the Ice Hotel Sweden 

Chapel at Ice Hotel Sweden
The Chapel at Ice Hotel Sweden

Ice Hotel Sweden
Lounging at Ice Hote Sweden

Guest room Ice Hotel Sweden
Ice windows in the bedroom of Ice Hotel Sweden

Kemi Lumilinna
Kemi Lumilinna in Finland – an ice hotel and restaurant

Suite at Lumilinna
Suite at Kemi Lumilinna in Finland

kemi Lumilinna
Bar – Kemi Lumilinna Finland

Batman at Lumilinna
In 2011 Batman was the theme in Kemi Lumilinna in Finland {via}

Hotel de Glace
More urban and accessible is the  Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada – Hotel de Glace

Hotel de Glace Canada
Bar at the Hotel de Glace in Canada 

Sorrisniva Norway
Deep in the wilderness is the Sorrisniva Ice Hotel in Norway

Sorrisniva Ice Hotel in Norway
Getting cozy in the Sorrisniva Ice Hotel in Norway

Romantic in Norway
Oh so romantic in Norway Ice Hotel

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