national trust relaunches 50 things and we like it!

National Trust is relaunching today, May 2nd, their “50 Things to do Before you are 11 3/4 -booklet” for children. Our kids (and especially Miss A. who already has turned eight) have been working hard on their old booklets and loved doing so – and I can reveal that the new book will be even more fun as we’ve had a sneak peak on it.

This new booklet, titled, “My Adventure Scrapbook” has had 15 new fun activities added to it, it contains better instructions on how to complete tasks, and there is more space to record the tasks. Also the rewards stickers are nicer, and more importantly I hope that they will distribute them with instructions to all properties as we had sometimes hard time collecting those completion stickers when we were out and about in different NT properties.

I also like the new regional summary sheets they have done: this sheets tells you all the National Trust properties in your area and what tasks you can complete there: either independently or by joining their organised events. And since this is the digital age, the National Trust also has a website where one can log all adventures as well as unlock additional secret challenges.

That said, I certainly hope that more parents will find out about this fun programme and encourage their kids to join in with the fun: discover these fabulous properties, learn about the history of the places, complete some fun tasks and while doing and as an additional benefit they’ll spend more time outdoors too. I think it’s obvious from previous posts that I am a huge fan of National Trust and other historic houses and gardens, and very happy that my children seem to share the same joy of exploring them! Now are you ready to introduce this fun programme to your children or someone you know?

National Trust 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4
A sneak peek into the look and feel of the relaunched 50 Things to Do -programme. We got the “recipe” for mud pies so that’s going to be on our agenda this weekend. First one for this mom also, maybe I’ll earn a sticker too!Ready to plant seeds
Our little Miss C. got cracking with task no 41 – Plant it, grow it, eat it. Let’s hope we’ll have something to eat in a couple of months time!Watering little seeds
First batch of seeds planted and time to water them. Guess who was enjoying this task tremendously. And tomorrow is the turn for Mr H. to plant some peas in his garden area…

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