my ig tells a story of a serious beach love

Where does your holiday take you? Are you most likely to be found on the beach, hiking the mountains, making short trips and discovering locally, or doing something extreme in a place most people have never dreamt of visiting?

Hidden beach in Mallorca, Spain
‘Finding hidden beach coves in Mallorca, Spain’

This week we have half-term holiday from school, but we are not travelling anywhere because our eldest daughter, miss Anaïs, wanted to play gazillion tennis tournaments – which translated ferrying her (and other kids as spectators) around the South East England every day to often very pretty destinations – and then spending several hours watching tennis (and sometimes shivering in the rain).

Tropical in Philippines
‘Tropical in Philippines, by the famous underground river in Palawan’

One of those trips was to Dorset coastline. I had checked in advance the road to the gorgeous beaches few miles away, a couple of amazing looking National Trust castles and country homes, but sadly, we came back with no photos or time to visit any place. I am determined to go back soon to visit Dorset though as I got some beautiful glimpses of the nature while driving and liked it a lot!

English coastline in Sussex
‘English coastline – beautiful to look at and explore, but a bit too chilly to swim for my liking’

Anyway, this a little bit “different” holiday week made me think our summer plans which are still very open as we are undecided what we’d like to do, and unable to persuade the budding tennis player that some tournaments can be skipped and summer enjoyed somewhere warm (and less rainy hopefully) with some nice swimming and sight-seeing added to the mix. I realised that what I was saying was that I missed the water, and to be more precise, the turquoise sea that is warm.

Icelandic coast in December
‘Iceland in December was a play of blues and whites from rugged coastline to dead calm lakes and turquoise hot lagoons. So different!’

The past year and a half I’ve been to the beaches and seashores in England, Scotland, Wales Norway, Iceland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Israel – some warm, others not. I love the sounds of the waves crashing, salty smell, the sand on my toes….

I love water! There is something magical with water and it doesn’t have to be a sea: it can be a lake, a river, a pond – even a fountain and I head towards it. Oh, and that explains my favourite drink too – it really is water, sometimes spiced with a slice of lemon or some mint (although Mojito comes a close second, especially when I am on the warm seaside!).

Dead Sea in Israel
‘This year I finally got to dip my toes in the Dead Sea’

So this summer I am determined to discover more water destinations – even if I end up just with several overnighters in the English coast before tennis tournaments, or by a clean, lapping Finnish lake by the kids summer camp site.

Beach in Sri Lanka
‘Yearning for a new destination unknown, like this less known east coast paradise in Sri Lanka’

I am still hoping that I can add one lovely seaside for relaxation and swimming to my summer list too. Until then I am re-living these lovely experiences from the past months…

Exploring in Sri Lanka
‘An afternoon walk in the water in Sri Lanka’

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