minimalist goes rustic with coffee table

This is sort of a surprise, but our house has gotten a new piece and it is far away from the normal minimalist and modern pieces I so yearn. I would say this is the complete opposite: rustic, quirky – and very detailed, should I add. I am not sure what happened, but this old wheel of a wooden cart turned into glass coffee table somehow was calling my name – and half an hour later it was already at home.

The table has three main parts – the round glass top, the wooden wheel part and a heavy metal frame. It also has lights inside the natural weave fabric, which makes it look like some kind of alien ship in the pictures when lit in the dark….Very cool and interesting indeed (and heavy). Now I wonder what the husband is going to think about the table – and what do you think it?

And since the living room is still empty the next question would be what kind of seating to fit with this table? Oh, so many questions!

Rustic is the word

I got some doubts when the table got home, but I still think it’s going to look fab once there is something else in the room to besides the rugs and the temporary bean bags…

Lights on

Spot the difference – daytime and lights are on

heavy metal frame

Sturdy iron frame of the table

light the table

Romantic feel..?

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