mega bloks first builders classic set – review

MegaBloks first builder set

I was recently asked to review with my children the Mega Bloks First Builders set, and I thought first: wait, aren’t my kids too old for that? And I went to consult to my nearly five-year-old twins and got an excited response, so I agreed to do the review. I recalled in my mind that we gave away the large Duplos two years ago because they wanted smaller pieces, but the key why they now got hooked on these large pieces was exactly that: the larger size (and their ability to build cool things with them).

Building with MegaBloks

Basically, when my twins were little they just mainly built towers with the large pieces and that got sort of old pretty quickly, they now have an ability to imitate from the picture and build their own replicas of those images. The bag itself had a couple of ideas on it – such as this giraffe in the picture and different kind of houses for the kids to try. After that they were ready to stretch their own imagination and start buildings cats, bunnies and other fun things with it.

Our family gives top marks for this Mega Bloks First builders set and advices not to give them away too soon. Even my 9-year old, who likes building complex things like pirate ships with small pieces was excitedly building houses with her younger siblings. And I should mention that my son got up extra early and full of excitement woke up his siblings so that they could continue their building from the day before!

60-piece Megabloks classic set

I also like the fact that this product is tested and clearly marked as PVC free, which is a great assurance in today’s society where toys, clothes and many other products are often found containing all sorts of chemicals which are not good for us.

As the children’s motoric skills develop further,  these blocks are perfect for creative construction from animals and houses to bridges and garages for the cars. My wish for the MegaBloks would be to add a booklet with more building ideas for the older kids to try on. This First Builders 60-piece Mega Bloks set is recommended for ages 1-5 and comes in three colours: the Classic Set we got with yellow, red, green and two shades of blue, the Trendy Set with season’s hot colours violet, lime green, orange and turquoise, plus a more Girly version with pinks in it.

You can find out more about Mega Bloks products and offers on their Facebook page here. 

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but I did receive a pack of Mega Bloks to test

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