making a house into a home – organising it all

Dishcloth Holder Collage

Once again – new home and new decorating challenges! This time I am determined to have a use and a place for everything we own- otherwise it’s time to bin the item. So it’s going to be all about organising – no more panic searches and a buying new items because I have hidden them in that “special space that I cannot later on remember”…

First stop kitchen: the one thing that has always bothered me visually in the kitchen is the dishcloth: it’s always needed but having it drying over the tap is not the most attractive view (and it doesn’t dry too well in the cupboard under the sink either).

So I decided to invest in a magnetic dishcloth holder which can be placed on the inside wall of the sink, and therefore is at least partially hidden. As I now have a stainless steel double sink (or 1 1/2 sink at least) I decided to go for the sleek and simple Danish design from Reenbergs. It is a magnetic dishcloth holder (from Amazon of course – I have to admit I love the next day delivery option), meaning that you place strong magnets under the sink – so no installation required.

Literally, it took me 15 seconds to place the magnets and it was really. So looking good so far – now it’s time to start thinking about next storage challenge – towel hooks for the bahtrooms!


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