making a house into a home

It is, once again, time to make a house into a home. We have now done a full circle and returned back to the original House of Anaïs. Except this time the kids have grown so much that the house is just too small: for me it spells as in minimising everything and keeping lots of stuff in boxes (and potentially getting rid of them).

We decided to change the room order and gave the twins the master bedroom, which also will function as a playroom (not ideal as I like to keep the bedroom for sleeping mainly, but can’t help it now). Here’s the scoop what old, what’s new or brought from other rooms to this room: Miss C. gets to sleep in her brother’s trundle bed, so her little bed is out of the picture now. The Ikea storage unit from the playroom is also here, as it similar low unit from living room. I also had to cut down the number of toys in the room, but I think that is only good as I believe in periodically changing the toys anyway and giving children the opportunity to rediscover their things – that also reduces the requests for new things!

The new fresh addition to the room are the polka dot curtains and matching storage cubes from the Great Little Trading Company. I have also added some spring-fresh bunting in the window. A bit girlish maybe, but it will do – I have never stuck to the “girls and boys colours” strictly anyway, but aimed to just bring lots of colour to the room. And the room still has dinosaur bedding and car rugs too…

I have also aimed to divide the room into the central play area, a”home corner” and the crafting table in the other corner. It also great that we at least have a bathroom attached to the bedroom, so accidents are less likely to happen. We are all pretty happy with the outcome and I’d love to hear what you think about this girl-boy combo room?

Polka dots
New polka dots curtains and storage cubes works well with the old Ikea unit

storage corner The bedroom needs to act as play room also – the toys are still stored the same way (but I still have some missing baskets as there are so many boxes to open). The table for activities got a corner position but lighting is good so it won’t matter too much

The twins room and play area              This view shows most of the room – it obviously helps that the room has nice proportions

Home play corner  The other corner functions as “home play” area with a little kitchen, vacuum, broom and baby things

Sleeping area I made the “dramatic” decision of using just one bed and having the other twin sleep in the trundle bed in order to save space. The centre of the room is occupied by the train/multi-function storage table

Little bathroom There is a cozy little en-suite also for the kids, although a bath tub would have been nice

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