transforming lily of nile to festive christmas decoration

Some people are very artistic and creative, able to think out of the box and use everyday object to create something special. I went vey recently to a little Christmas Bazaar organized by a group of friends who like to create objet d’art and Christmassy things to eat. There I spotted these dried flowers – Lily of Nile – and their transformation was just amazing. These ones had been spray painted with silver and black and then a layer of glitter added on top.

A simple, yet very effective way to add some seasonal sparkle! And if you try this at home just use your imagination with the colours – I saw red, green, blue flowers and they all looked great. I am thinking that these flowers will be my centrepiece in the next dinner party..

Dramatic sIlver and black

Beautiful, delicate details

Lily of Nile the Christmas way

Lily of Nile in Christmas style after painting and glittering

Lily of Nile via

Lily of Nile blooming

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