kites at the lighthouse

Kites at lighthouseFIrst there was one flying kites, then two. We took a time-out for scones and a soak in the sun with ice cream – and then it was three: three kids of ours laughing, running around and flying their borrowed kites in the gusty wind. Kites taking off, soaring high and abruptly falling down. It was fun, relaxing and entertaining.

At the end of the day this also earned a tick into the National Trust’s 50 Things to Do before You’re 11 3/4 for “7. Fly a Kite” -activity. Then our three happy kids were again full of energy and ready for a hike back along the iconic White Cliffs of Dover from the South Foreland Lighthouse. A perfect Sunday afternoon with the family!

Flying Kites Collage

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