intriguing centro niemayer

Aviles Niemayer Collage

Step into a futuristic world of curvy white with colourful accents, set on the estuary of Aviles, a historic town in Northern Spain region of Principality of Asturias.  This hard-to-miss cultural centre named Centro Niemayer after its famous designer, Brazilian architect Oscan Niemayer.

The buildings are smooth, curvy and hold some sort of eternal beauty. They are held together by a large open square – perfect for children to play, to rollerblade in…just to hang around and enjoy the riverside area which opens up to the mountains as well as gives a nice look of the profile of the old town.

Niemayer centre is a breath of fresh air and a lovely break of all the detailed and colourful buildings one gets to admire around Asturias.

Centro Niemayer, Aviles, Spain

Soft curves of snow-white against the blue sky

Centro Niemayer, Aviles, Spain 4

This is the view that greets the visitors when arriving to Aviles – a modern marvel against the beautiful backdrop of the colors of the old town

Centro Niemayer, Aviles, Spain 2

A fun, colourful bridge leads to the other side of the river and the vey futuristic-looking Niemayer cultural centre

Centro Niemayer, Aviles, Spain 7

Food for both the soul and the body – the centre has a cafe, and the mind feeds off the beautiful architecture and peaceful environment

Centro Niemayer, Aviles, Spain 8

Auditorium of the Niemayer centre. The dome is an exhibition centre and the tower hosts a restaurant. There is another multi-purpose building which has a shop and cafe and other functional space

Centro Niemayer, Aviles, Spain 10

Strolling around and just enjoying the interesting forms and shapes of the buildings in Niemayer centre

Centro Niemayer, Aviles, Spain 5

Old and new – my experience of Asturias is a very colourful one – both of the nature and buildings, just like here: blues of the sky and river, greens of the hills, shining white and bold yellow of the Niemayer Centre, bright cranes and containers, houses on the background – everything!