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Happy #IGTravelThursday, although it’s already Friday when I’m writing this, but better late than never…so if you have tuned into my Instagram feed lately you already know that our family has been having the adventure of our lifetime touring around Sri Lanka. Of course I’ll write all about our adventures on foot, train, tuk tuk and car, but first a quick look into the amazing Sri Lanka via Instagram:

Colombo, Sri Lanka

We created a customised agenda for our tour that suits young families: it combined nature, culture as well as swimming and playtime for kids – and it worked pretty well despite some heavy-driving days (the roads are so bad and traffic combines all transportation means plus the odd cows, so expect to progress 20-30kmph (13-20 mph) in smaller roads, or ever slower if the road is not paved and its raining…)

Mangrove lakes

We were very lucky with the weather as October is a month between two monsoons – in general the rule is that when one side has rain the opposite coast is sunny. We had a bit of rain in every coast, and the mountains too, but mostly the rain fell at nighttime, so we didn’t have to cancel any of our planned activities. Lucky us for getting a good weather in every region!

Mountain sunrise

As Sri Lanka is in the tropics, the sunrise and sunset took place pretty much the same time every day – 5.45 am and pm, and I managed to capture many of them. This was the first sunrise I saw, and it felt very magical to see the sun appear from behind the mountain…

Lipton Seat Tea

The English brought the tea to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, and large plantations are everywhere in the central region. They smell good, look beautiful on the hillsides – and local tea tastes great.

Train ride

There aren’t that many Sri Lanka travel guides and we used Lonely Planet. They rate top 20 things to experience in Sri Lanka, and local train are included there. The stretch from Haputale to Nanu Oya en route to quirky mountain “resort” town Nuwara Eliya is the most famous one, so we decided to travel that route also, and it was a certainly different experience!

Once settles back at home I’ll be sure to share all the adventure we had in Sri Lanka (and there were many) from cultural and nature stories to beaches and local culinary delights…

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