#igtravelthursday: travel food photos – how much is too much?

How much food on the IG feed is too much if you are not a food blogger? Does continuous flow of food images turn some people off ? I guess it depends of the quality of images or the reasons one is posting them – i.e. are they linked to a particular trip or story or just random shots to fill the stream…?

I certainly am guilty of adding food photos here and there – and even from home on a nice summer day when we are doing those rate “staycation” days at home: enjoying the sun, mojitos and most likely, BBQ. When the food is good and it looks nice (IMO) I am happy to share our meal ideas…I am not a great cook, but I love looking at food photos, getting new ideas and restaurant recommendation down to the specific meal level, so I am happy to read travel stories with plenty of details on food.

Taking photos of food is not that easy, especially good ones (but I hope I’ll get there one day) – sometimes I have a gorgeous-looking meal but it ends up looking like a big blob on the screen!  I have been trying to apply those framing and angle tips other writers have been posting here on IG Travel Thursday on sceneries, but there is still a lot more to improve. So I hope someone’s going to have a step-by-step guide one of these day for food too here, that would be highly appreciated! Meanwhile, I keep practicing…

So what do you remember the best from your travels? How important is the food for your? I can think of moments of lovely sights, fun things we’ve done, something we brought home as a memoirs and also all good meals we’ve had – the whole package! All of these photos bring some special memories, and therefore I couldn’t tell my story well without them, so I think that when the photos fir your travel story it’s fine to add your food shots, with moderation in mind, of course!

What is the storyline behind your food photos and do you go more for sugary and savory treats while on the road?  And how much is too much food in the feed?

…while you think about that take a look at my latest food memories when travelling to see why they become such special moment for me and were stored on my memory bank…

Paris Macaroon

Paris, I think of walking around the city – the Parisian breakfast I had, the amazing flower-petalled ice-cream in the park, Greek dinner followed by Cuban drinks, and the now-so-hip delicious macaroons. I also think of the fun time I had with my friend Katja of Skimbaco Lifestyle on that trip!

quality choco treats

A super-delicious truffle – I actually sneaked one from my son during our first stop in the Scotland road trip. It was heavenly good and we well all in good spirits and happy heading towards the Hogs Head Inn in Alnwick…

Loch Ness

We had just checked in the lovely Lovat Hotel in Loch Ness and went straight for dinner. The table has a lovely view of the nearby hills and the sunset. The food in the hotel’s brasserie was great!!

Asturias, spain

I love Mediterranean food and as an added bonus it’s supposed to be really good for you! We met our grandma in northern Spain, Asturias, in May and she took us to one of the most famous cafes in the area to sample some local pastries. Oh, they just melt in the mouth (but I will not even think of the amount of calories my few treats must have had…)

Cattle Grid2

First weekend escape in England without the kids (thanks grandma). We’ve just seen the impressive WIndsor Castle and built a pretty good appetite. The method finding this place was as scientific as one can be: we followed the delicious scent of BBQ wafting in the air…

Fresh food in Spain

A last-minute beach escape to Spain. Grandpa went to buy 1/2 kilo of fresh gambas (here’s your Spanish lesson of the month) and we cooked them with plenty of garlic. And they were super yummy!


My first hairdresser visit in the old continent. Great outcome, some me time, good magazines and happiness with the made-to-order coffee selection and the endless offering of Lindor Truffles. Someone loves this kind of treatment!!

Sir C Wren dinner

My birthday dinner in the lovely and romantic old town of Windsor. The year before it was peking duck and blue glittery roses a la Chinese style. This was way nicer and no kids in tow…

Asturias seaside tapas

A girl can have some fun alone too – enjoying bocadillos, tapas and red wine in a cool seaside cafe in Asturias. Finding my inner peace and relaxing without having to meditate on the beach…

star dessert

My grand creation for the special day of the old homeland – star-spangled 4th of July dessert!

Spain bocadillo

Plenty of motivation for a beach walk when it ends in a taverna that serves amazing ham sandwiches, aka jamon bocadillos, and of course sangria, my favourite summer drink when I am not sipping mojitos!

And I have not forgotten my weekly fave photo either which has nothing to do with food really but it’s just lovely – this is Kea Marie’s (@keamar) sweet shot telling that the summer is coming to an end…



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