in love with a certain colour: how to use that in decor?

Do you love a certain colour and just have to have it in your decor? Here are some designer tips to help you to reach that dream room: use different shades if your favourite colour, and maybe add a dash of an accent colour to go with it. Use contrasting shapes and surfaces with you combined decor objects, such as small and large, smooth and textured surfaces on accessories and so on.

And remember that the shade and texture of the paint is very important, and the end result changes a lot depending on the amount of natural light you have, so it’s good to try out and paint some colours samples on your wall and see what they look like and daytime and when using lights…

Now. guess why I have always like the blue and white combination? In addition to blue being a calming colour, I always associate blue with summer and nature – something to do with the childhood songs of how blue the lakes and sky are and how white are clouds, those sheep of the sky (well, and also probably because my home country flag is blue and white)…

blue accents

blue accents


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