happy spring festival – chinese new year in california!

We have finally kicked off the first of fifteen days of spring festival, a.k.a. Chinese new year festivities. As my cooking isn’t par to my friends when it comes to Chinese food, we just had some sweet treats to celebrate. This morning the kids sang their gong xi (which even the twins have been singing for a week now…) and I must say that it’s such a pretty song that I still like after hearing about a hundred times last week!

The school will celebrate the beginning of festivities the whole day, and I’ll definitely go over to see their fashion show displaying lovely Chinese outfits and music performances. Very exciting day for the kids! (And for those new to this blog who might be wondering why Finnish-Spanish family celebrates all things Chinese the simple answer is that all our children attend a bi-lingual with English and Chinese school). I hope you all find fun ways to celebrate this special and happy festival!

fashion show time

We have gathered in just one year a good collection of Chinese outfits, which the kids were modeling at home the past weekend. Silk probably suits well in warm China, but the weather lately has been very chilly and rainy here…

Chinese outfits for kids

Luckily we still have the School’s new year gala coming up so the kids can wear different outfits to both events if they like


Miss A. ready to hang up some decor in her room


Trying new treats – we all loved Peantt Candy


Miss A. loves sticky rice cakes


Husband likes mochi…


More sweet treats


The envelopes were so cute that I ended up getting bit more than needed – and some are not even red…




Enjoying the treats

I found a translation to the gong xi song – very nice indeed (my kids like the Kai Lan version of the song):

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Gong Xi


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