happy birthday miss anaïs

Today our girl turned seven, or actually as she calculated, she did so on Valentine’s eve, for she was born in London soon after midnight on the 15th (so we let her open one present last night already), and we are now eight hours behind London. So it’s a sort of multi-day celebration I should say…

This year Anaïs wanted to be part of the preparations more, so the girls got to decorate the cake all the way, and they did a fantastic job. I should mention though that little hands got tired, and I had to help to whip the cream, after which I am thinking it’s time to get some machine-power next time. The great thing about home-made cakes is the fresh flavour and lack of anything industrial, but the looks are also less perfect, at least when the kids are decorating!

For the cake we used the basic recipe of equal amount of sugar, eggs (first beat the sugar and eggs) and flour (tall glass) with a teaspoon of baking powder mixed into the flour. Then bake about 30 minutes in 350 F (175 c) in a round cake tin, which has been greased and sugared, and there is your cake. As this is the only cake base I know how to make, new recipes are well appreciated…

you got mail...

You got mail birthday girl!

learning to whip cream

learning to whip cream

ready to fill the cake

girls making the birthday cake

this is fun

so we got the strawberry jam, cream, bananas and peaches on the cake

and cream on top

just even the cream on top

finishing touches

putting on the finishing touches

song time

finally – ready to sing and enjoy the hard day’s work

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