great intentions – unexpected outcome

So things don’t always go as planned, or rather things often don’t go as planned – at least in our household (but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing). This week I had volunteered to build with the kids an Angry Birds game for the school’s international day – representing this time from our collection of nationalities and home countries my birth place, that arctic Northern place called Finland – now better known as the birth place of some very angry birds also…

Before I tried cutting any cardboard I had a beautiful vision of a game-like multi-level structure built out of boxes, but the reality was that my over-sized super-strong scissors still barely were able to cut these boxes and a saw would have been more appropriate. Of course for the house move they were the perfect item, but this did not pan out for my bird dream. So a few holes later we had one over-sized wardrobe-box plastered with bunch of bird pictures and flags (and by the way, if you didn’t know yet what the flag of Finland looks like I challenge you to guess which one(s) I am talking about).

All in kids kids loved cutting, colouring and gluing, this mom didn’t quite enjoy her taping and hole-tearing and the outcome in at best “interesting”, but it works (kid tested and gave a lot of joy and laughter). I was a bit hasty to snap a picture before the currently sleeping beauty Miss A. finished her last flag (South Africa), so yes, we not we are still missing some black colour there… We’ll see how the other kids at school like this, but I’d recommend it as a home party fun – and the added benefit on this particular version was that they kids got to know a few new flags too (but maybe use a less sturdy box unless you want the game to last for a year or two!).

Angry Birds game

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