granny chic trend

The revival of granny chic certainly brings back some memories – and I don’t even need to go back to my grandparents house, but to my parents – where in the 80s the gifts of elderly aunties (and crocheting of my mom) was displayed on bedspreads, doilies and little table runners on coffee tables. And it’s all back again!

More generically the Granny Chic seems to be applied to all things knitted and crocheted, be it even a bit more modern and fashionable versions of what our grannies did; such as some of the knitted and crocheted items below. And yes, I must admit that although I might not be ready to display my old pot-holders on the wall, I’d love to have one of these crocheted poufs or this cute and very Parisian-chic knitted lampshade…

Bit more on the chic than granny chic side are these fabulous poufs and lampshades
granny chic - knitted poufs

wool shades {image}

Some good old-fashioned crocheting on the quilt and the rug
granny chic - crocheting

Real vintage feel with these crocheted pot holders and pillows!

crocheted granny chic {image}

Doilies take me back to the memory lane too.. 

Granny chic - doilies

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