going local: picnic at the ruins of bayham old abbey

A beautiful summer day and the perfect spot for a picnic – the ruins of Old Bayham Abbey in Tunbridge Wells in the river Teise valley – on the border of Kent and East Sussex counties.

Surrounded by green meadows, a little trickling stream, baby blue sky and nearly thousand years of history in the remaining rocks, it’s just the perfect peaceful spot for a bit of relaxing and a meal.

There’s not much to see or there are thousands of things to see – it’s all in the eye of the beholder and on how much you use your imagination: you see the rooms, the altar and your mind makes up the rest of it, or you just note a few crumbling rocks, nature taking over and nor much more. I prefer the latter and enjoy these old formations on a beautiful summer’s day…

Bayham Abbey

Bayham Old Abbey in Kent-Sussex border

Bayhan Old Abbey in Kent-Sussex Border 2

Tree altar in Bayham Old Abbey

Great room in Abbey

Bayham Abbey

Green meadows

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