getting ready for the party week of moon festival

The big party is about to start here – and I mean the city (or probably the whole country) is ready to celebrate the national holiday and Moon Festival for over a week. Almost every street is getting lanterns, flowers, Chinese flags and other red decorations put up, which we witnessed today en masse.

All we need now is find our own decor and get a variety of moon cakes for home. I hope our first Moon Festival in China is going to be a lot of fun!

Lantern time All parks are extra fancy with flowers, lanterns and other decor (location Beihai Park)
decorations going up
The streets are lined with flags, lanterns and other decorative items
even roads are festive
Even the roads and bridges have gotten some red and gold decor
I like these extra long lanterns
[Moon Festival is also known as Mid-Autumn festival and it’s a lunar (so the timing changes a bit every year) harvest festival. In China it has been extended to a week-long National holiday. Typically people eat Moon Cakes (fancy ones can cost a couple of hundred dollars for a box of 6 or so) and drink tea. Kids (and adults too) traditionally carried around lit lanterns also.]

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