getting motivated for a project

Oh yes, motivation is what I need after a fun-filled holidays as I return to a new rental home in need of unpacking, new furniture and before all that a great design to suit a family of five. And to make things a bit harder we are still talking about the new continent and China more specifically, where the process of finding the stores is not that easy (not to talk about how expensive everything is…)

So my great plan is work from bottom floor up, and first stop basement area – hence the basement inspiration day! I am actually pretty lucky as there is plenty of natural light and recessed courtyards to work with, so the contrasting colours on black and white might not be the first choice, but accents and glossy surfaces are definitely an option. But now I can still dream on…and keep changing the room plans.

I am thinking of at the moment a media room, playroom and a home gym for the basements (yes, after 10+ years it’s really time to get that elliptical and rowing machine with a TV – although I am not sure what I’ll be able to watch besides Chinese soap operas and news, but anyway…)

basement living

Modern contrasts…

Natural tones

Wood and natural elements in entertainment area

getting cozy

Maybe cozying it with neutral tones?

pool sharks!

..or would it be time to learn some snooker and get a more classic look?


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