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How excited was I when I got a LG Pocket Photo smart mobile printer (model PD233) and pack of paper. I was so ready to start testing it immediately. Only after I opened the package I realised how small and slim this printer is: it can easily fit into a handbag, or even a jacket pocket. So off I went to read the instructions and started charging my little printer. Really easy by far!

LG Pocket Photo

Basically all you really need to do is install the Pocket Photo App from the iTunes App store or the Android App from Google Play (this works both for Apple and Android gadgets), connect the app via bluetooth (or NFC, near field communications for Androids) and start printing those cute little 2×3 inch (5.1×7.6 cm) photos!

Photo IG edit

You can either snap a photo with the app or use an image from your library. The edit functions are easy and fast to use: you can add a date and text in different colours and pick from pre-set photo frames. There is also an option for adding a QR code so that you can share and view the edited photo on a smartphone. Once you done with editing, just press the print button and wait for your photo to come out.

Cute little photo cards The printing takes less than a minute and no ink is needed because of a special ZINC technique where the colours are already in the paper, but you do need to keep adding a blue calibration paper to the bottom of the paper stack in order to keep the colours printing properly, so no batch printing here.

The quality is not super-high, and as the cost of the printing paper is also pretty steep this is no replacement for normal photo printing places, but it’s definitely a fun little gadget for instant mementos in parties and events.

My first photos were of our children on their first school day that I put on my pin-board and another ones of our eldest daughter who just had a cross-country race – a lovely little memento for her and her friend with the date, event and their final results. She loved it so much that she wanted to create a magnet on the fridge – which is a great idea. I am off to check of we manage to find a right-sized pre-made magnet frame. These could be great Xmas presents for grandparents too…

So would I recommend this little gadget? Yes, definitely for fun purposes, but it’s pretty expensive gadget at the end of the day – and definitely not meant for everyday printing due to the smaller photo size and the photo paper price.

If you want to go and get your own Pocket Photo, it seems that some of the best prices still can be found on Amazon – in UK LG Pocket Photo costs around £108 and a pack of photo paper (30 photo sheets) another £11. In the US Amazon the LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer bundle price with the paper comes around $170 at the moment for this insta-fun process…

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