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What’s more suitable reading for Christmas than seasonal sweet (and sometimes sad) stories. I have just gotten an upgrade to Kindle Touch (gave the old one to grandparents who certainly try to keep up with the new technologies) and have been filling up my ereading list from Amazon. I though I would start with the free stuff and see then if I still wanted some more. Here are my downloads by far, and once I have finished reading I’ll update my list with my own reviews, and start looking into free kids Christmas books too. The other criteria I used besides being free was simply the reader feedback, so I have high hopes for these books as they have been recommended by many book enthusiasts!

And for those who do not have Kindle yet, the good news is that you can just either read on the iCloud on the web browser, or download a reader on your computer. Another free option is to have Google eBooks, where some of these books listed can also be found. I also checked Barnes and Noble for Nook, and Sony’s eBookstore, and I found quite a few of of these stores for free in these stores also. So happy season’s reading everyone!

The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown

A sweet short story similar to DIckens “A Christmas Carol”.

The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown. Amazon for $0.00

Evergreen A Christmas Tale by Richard Taylor

A sweet short story about a grandfather’s last Christmas with his family.

Evergreen – A Christmas Story by Richard Taylor. Amazon for $0.00

My Christmas Angel by Jason W. Chan

This novelette is described as a heartwarming story of a poor single father and his little daughter in Canada and how he copes when the daughter falls ill and into coma as Christmas is approaching. I hope the ending is happier as the story seems rather sad for Christmas reading.

My Christmas Angel by Jason W. Chan. Amazon for $0.00

Christmas Jars by Jason Wright

This book is described as a holiday classic where a reporter is trying to find out who distributes jars filled with coins and notes for those in need. Sounds sweet and interesting, justs perfect to be enjoyed with a cup of hot cocoa and a couple of butter biscuits!

Christmas Jars by Jason Wright. Amazon (Prime only) for $0.00

All I Want for Christmas is You - b Lisa Mondello

This promises to be a good, romantic read – just great for the long holidays when curled up by the fireplace with a box of chocolates…

All I Want for Christmas is You – by Lisa Mondello

Holiday Rush by Lisa Scott

Typical holiday romance short story – always welcome in small doses!

Holiday Rush by Lisa Scott. Amazon for $0.00

O Little Town by Don Reid

A novel of life at Christmas time in a typical little town by musician Don Reid from Statler Brothers.

 O Little Town by Don Reid. Amazon for $0.00

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