food and decor combo at the filling station in beijing

How lucky we were to stumble across this great restaurant in our district (Shun Yi) here in Beijing – the Filling Station. I’ll admit, that so by far I have discovered, that the grass truly is greener on the other side of the fence: therefore, being outside US we really crave for some good ol’ burgers. And that is what we got (with Australian meat should I mention, very yummy!)


Who’s looking at the decor again…fab chandeliers!

We also got to enjoy fab decor, real service and enjoyment for the whole family – while we were waiting for the food and sipping our drinks (cold cider!) the kids were enjoying the playroom right next to our table. True to American style there are theme nights with quizzes and stuff, so we’ll be back. They even seemed to have all-day breakfast of offer and I’ll definitely take on that some other day!

so american

..and of course some so-American decor, complete with motorcycles in the restaurant, which got my kids asking why they were inside and if they could test them

Now, as with any “western” place, the price is also a bit higher, but still reasonable. Two burger platters, three kiddie plates and drinks set you back about 60 USD, whereas your local Chinese can be in the region of 3-4 USD per platter. Still, not bad. And they also got real toilets there (clean ones) – great when you got kids. We’ll be back and introduce the place to some friends too. All in all, two thumbs up for the Filling Station!

Fish and fruit platter, meatballs and spaghetti, egg fried rice and some mom’s fries – that’s what made the kids eat well today

My restaurant rating for the Filling Station: Good
Address: 8 LaiGuangYing Donglu, 来广营东路8号二楼. Tel 010-84703821

“The food at the Filling Station is good, but depends on what you order – some things they make better than others…The price is reasonable for Beijing, and what makes the great for families is the playroom (it’s a bit scruffy, but not so bad that a little hand sanitizer afterwards wouldn’t help). The music is nice, although they could change the CD every now and then.

We liked the casual and very US-looking decor also – a breath of fresh air I would say. Also, the bathrooms are pretty clean and don’t smell (not so common in China). The level of service varies, and so does the ability of the staff to speak In English. Note also that not all things on menu are always available – I’ve been drooping after the dry cider ,but by far they have never had it in stock…”

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