flashback wednesday – visiting malta ten years ago

Island of Malta
‘What’s so great about Malta is that you can combine a beach holiday with an amazing amount of history and culture – it was love at first sight!’

I was searching for some garden photos today and came across my old travel snaps from the island of Malta, pretty much 10 years ago to the date. That made me realize how much more important media is to recording memories for us now: a week in Malta produced 21 photos with my little digital snapper, whereas nowadays a week’s visit somewhere is likely to results in 400-500 photos of which we normally create a photo book as a memento.

Exploring Valletta
‘The streets of Valletta are full of life and vibrant colours’

What a dramatic difference that is! Also, I can easily tell what I loved about Malta during that trip: those colourful buses – for almost half of the photos had a bus in them!

So let me share my lovely Maltese buses, and then some more as I also loved the local food, beaches and exploring the romantic streets of Valletta.

Maltese buses
‘I love them buses!!!”

Maltese Bus
‘The buses in Malta are so romantic and adorable, and also pretty comfy to travel with!’

Now I was also wondering if the same has happened to other people and therefore would love to hear if you have noticed how your “travel patterns’ have changed? Do you take more photos now or collect other particular type of mementos you didn’t use to?

Maltese buses
‘Bus love at first sight’


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