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I liked doing the Five on Friday -post last week, and since this week has been quite so busy, this was the kind of perfect fun summary post to write up. Life’s been busy with school sports days, birthday parties, gymnastics show, and school events as the school finished this week – not to forget tennis lessons, a musical and lots of more home decorating (I think the delivery guys know me by name now as I keep receiving several parcels a day from different couriers). So, with such a busy (but fun) week, there is a lot of share….

Mammia Mia musical in London 1. Mamma Mia musical in Novello Theatre in London. This was a birthday present for our eldest daughter, Anaïs, and I had tickets for her friend and her mom too. The theatre is rather small but oh so full of old-world charm with three-tiered balconies and all decorative gilded walls and ceilings. The show was just amazing, who can anyway resist all those ABBA hits – people were jamming and singing along and it was just the perfect afternoon! So if you visit London or catch Mamma Mia touring near you it is a show one should definitely go and experience. While talking about musicals Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has just opened, so I am going to put a booking in for that one too as it’s a show that’ll be fun both for kids and parents!

Making Jello

2. Learning to make Jello – now this might be hard to believe: despite having lived 8 years both East and West coast of the US (Georgia and California) and another six years or so in the UK, I have never made Jello ( but I have tasted it several times though). And I didn’t make it this time either as miss Anaïs wanted to learn how to make it, but at least I know now how it happens! And yes, I admit it is pretty easy. So more Jello to be made in this household in the future!

Cereal storage

3. Kitchen storage solutions. I just got these cute cereal dispenser and I am hope that I can attach them to the wall. Kids love them, so are eating more the healthy cereals that I am filling them with and they also give the kitchen a fun, bit quirky look…

Caterpillar Collage

4. Growing butterflies. We haven’t been able to find caterpillar in the nature so I got the butterfly kit, and the caterpillars finally arrived in the mail. The kids are very excitedly observing them and we’ve been reading our caterpillar books, and we all can now identify ten different kinds of butterflies. Fun and learning combined, mommy loves it too!

Cloakroom Collage

5. Getting one room finished in the house- even if it’s just the little downstairs cloakroom. The new house had no hooks, toilet paper holders etc so I’ve managed to order and put up them all in this little cloakroom. As the countertops are grey stone I ordered extra-fluffy dark grey hand towels and wash cloths for the guests to use as hand towels.

The towel hooks are this funky, modern design from Zack and they seem to work well as towels are staying up – somehow with the normal hooks the kids always managed to drop the towels on the floor…For soap and hand lotion I got my favourite brand, Molton Brown, in White Mulberry scent. For the window sill I have sweet pea infuser (I just love that subtle scent) and a cute little memorabilia (the Palace on Dam Square( my husband got from KLM as he happened to fly on the day the Queen of Netherlands abdicated herself. The walls are still a bit bare: I’ve added this cute little Winnie-the-Pooh piece of art, but I think it might need something more to it as the room is rather long in shape…

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