going local: fascinating leeds castle in kent (pt.1)

England, like few other European countries is just filled with history and old ruins, castles, houses and residences. I wish I had time to visit them all but there are just so many! But one can always dream…

Miss Anaïs has loved visiting these historic places since she was very little, and we have taken for numerous tours from the age of 7 months or so. However, for the twins this historic castle visit to Leeds Castle was a first one in, and they just loved the whole experience. We spend hours admiring animals and plants, the waterways and ruins and didn’t even visit the great playground the castle also has (and there is a lot to see as the grounds are over 500 acres). I think the twins loved this better than a trip to the zoo as we met free-roaming peacocks (including white ones) black and white swans, ducks and many other birds.

A little lunch outside and train ride back to the cars crowned this visit at least for our train enthusiast Hugo. For grown-ups the tour of the castle is amazing as some parts are nearly 1000 years old and there are rooms dedicated to queens and other royalty who used to stay or live in the premises. It is just so beautiful and peaceful.  I wish we had time to come back and see some Shakespeare in the outdoor theatre the following week!

Leeds castle grounds

Leeds Castle Gardens

Leeds Castle

White peacock at Leeds

Leeds Castle - gardens

Leeds Castle - grounds

Leeds Castle - grounds

Leeds Castle - old buildings

Leeds Castle - grounds

Leeds Castle

Swan family at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle - old castle ruins

Twins exploring the old castle ruins at Leeds Castle


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