exquisite architecture of oxford

Oxford Collage

Oxford, a town famous for its university, has now made it to my top 10 list of favourite cities. I love walking around admiring the architecture, pretty details of the houses, narrow cobblestone streets, the gardens – and Oxford just has it all.

Oxford is more like Rome, or even better than Rome as almost every building in the city centre is worth another look. So much goodness around you, that taking photos becomes difficult as one cannot decide where to turn to take the next snap. There are a total of 38 colleges plus gardens, halls and chapels  and certainly enough to see for a couple of days! Therefore, in the end I just decided to admire, and leave the photography on the background.

Beautiful streets of Oxford

 “Just an ordinary street” – but with the added rustic factor where every building is unique. Oxford is known as the filming location for many movies and Tv series from Harry Potter to Sherlock Holmes, and one can easily imagine scenes of Harry Potter in some of the more gothic-looking buildings.

Historic Oxford University

 Tea party is about to start in that lush garden…

Oxford Market

 A shopping arcade filled with yesteryear nostalgia and cute little shops and eateries

Oxford 2 Collage

Of course Oxford has some very famous buildings too which go to the “must see-list”, such as the Pitt Rivers archaeological and anthropological museum pictured on top left (free entrance) and the University Church of St Mary the Virgin on bottom right.

OUr visit was a bit of an impromptu one, so we didn’t have enough time to explore the museums, the parks and of course the famous riverside, or the Bodleian Library where they claim to have Europe’s most beautiful room, the Divinity School and the Hogwarts Library (a must see for Harry Potter fans!)  – so we will definitely be back. If you are planning a visit to Oxford check out the Visit Oxford and Oxfordshire site for event and sightseeing tips, and you are guaranteed to discover something new even if you have been to the city many times before.

Historic Oxford Univeristy

Peek into the university courtyards to discover something new: those who know the area well can actually walk thought the city using the passages through the faculties and other academic buildings

Historic Oxford University

Oxford is a mix of all different building styles since the arrival of the Saxons. Pictured here the Brasenose College next to the Radcliffe Camera

Oxford University Courtyard

 Yet another enticing and lush green courtyard of Oxford University

Oxford Narrow Street Adventure

 Romantic narrow streets and alleyways are everywhere

Historic Oxford University

The exquisite Radcliffe Camera – a Palladian style science library building and reading room

Oxford Castle

 Even the Oxford council buildings looks like a castle – keeping up with the style of the city

Historic Oxford and University

 Oxford Castle – this partly ruined medieval Norman castle was partially re-built and used as a prison from 19th century. It has now has been converted into a contemporary Malmaison Hotel and also hosts a number of restaurants

Oxford 3 CollageThe High Street and the surrounding streets have become a shopping and coffee house haven. The university courtyards are little garden oasis and can be admired throughout the city. On the right the enchanting entrance to  the newly converted Castle Hotel Malmaison

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