exploring the delectable mount shasta in california

Yes, this family has been on the road again, and the new destination was in Northern California, the beautiful and most impressive Mount Shasta. it took us around five hours to drive there, but it was definitely worth it. And for so long we got a admire the snow-capped mountain itself as the surrounding areas are so flat. The mountain really was our old-fashioned guiding system confirming that we were going the right way…

The hotel, or rather the cabin we chose, was from Groupon, and we were really happy with the deal. I would say it was a bargain as there was a food and spa voucher included. Food was good, which is surprising for a hotel (and pretty cheap too). The village itself has some great restaurants and little grocery stores stocking all kinds of treats with prices much lower than at home.

And I definitely need to mention the spa! After a hard day of skiing I was up for some pampering. Soothing music, nice scented room. A package with massage, facial and pedicure. And a glass of bubbly too. I even got a little sample jar of a delectable fruit-scented organic moisturizer. All I can say that we will be back in this resort soon, especially as there are caverns and amazing hiking trails, plus volcanic parks to discover in the area!

I should not forget the skiing resort either. So empty, super cheap (kids lift ticket and rentals for well under $20!), the store had great discounts, lifts had absolutely no queues and little miss A. was able to do the long green trails, which are closer to 2 miles in length. No noise, just beautiful scenery and birds singing. It was a bit like a heaven on earth. So this family will definitely recommend Mount Shasta for skiing and nature!

For so long we saw the snow top...

Just keep driving, this mountain was like the guiding star – hard to miss

Mt Shasta resort

Mt Shasta Resort was really nice, and one cannot complain about the beautiful lake and mountain views and the amazing sunset…

Lake views

Even when the sun was going down and it got cloudy, the scenery was serene and calming

Good morning Mt Shasta

As Mt Shasta rises so much above the surroundings, this is a case where everyone can enjoy amazing views from their home door!

Ski fashion 2012

Here comes the annual fashion statements – miss C. and doing cross-country with pink, start-studded ensemble

2012 Ski fashion

Master Hugo chose himself very fashionable sunglasses to protect from the strong light reflected from the snow

Ski fashion 2012

For Miss A. it was a mix of pinks, reds and greys

Ski resort views

Resort views from Mount Shasta

Mountain time

Oh beautiful Mount Shasta, even where there is little snow and the temperature reached 70 F (+21 c) in the village!

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