exploring nature destinations on #igtravelthursday

Birling Cap

Mother Nature is powerful and she changes the nature around us constantly. Sometimes the changes are so small that you don’t notice them, at other times the changes are sudden and drastic. Just like in the photo above from the coast of Sussex, Birling Cap. Sadly recently huge chunks from the top have fallen down taking the path with it and some of the houses too. The National Trust cafe will have to be demolished as it’s literally hanging on the edge.

It really makes you wonder what will be there a year, ten years from now? I am grateful that we finally managed to visit this famous area last summer, and hopefully will make it there next summer again. I know it will still be breathtaking, yet different at the same time.

Mother tide

When we are travelling we are normally hoping that Mother Nature is on a good mood and the weather is great so that we can travel on time, enjoy beautiful scenes, bask in the sunshine…But of course it doesn’t always happen. The past year we’ve missed planes due to a snow storm, crept slowly on the road in a mini-bus when the monsoon rain was flash-flooding the area and roads were crumbling – but we’ve also had amazing weather, double rainbows, you name it….

Things don’t always work out, but we’ll try to find the sunny side of it anyway. Take the picture above, for example, in North Yorkshire. We were supposed to visit an island with old abbey ruins and an idyllic village, but had read wrong the tide timetables and had to skip the visit – for we didn’t want to be trapped there until 9 that evening. Instead we got to witness the amazing arrival of the tide: the moment when a little stream of water turned into a river, soon rushing all over the seabed that just minutes earlier was like a desert. It was an amazing experience and  new for me!

Stone beaches

Beach really is one of my favourite places: i love soft sandy beaches but also the rocky ones. This stretch along the coast of Valencia is a beautiful one: soft rounded stones that have been shaped by the water for years and years. So hot during the day and yet so cold at night. They hide the best shell treasures and every now and then the rocks give way for a golden sandy stretch, a hidden cove. The next I return might not look the same, but it’s familiar and beautiful and I can take new pictures, and compare them against my old memories.

Mother Nature is so amazing and I look forward to experiencing it in every new destination! Maybe surprisingly, I find England  to be a perfect nature destination with it’s long coastal areas, endless valleys and of course the lakes and mountains in the north.

What do you love about nature and what do you seek on your holidays?

Beachy head

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