exploring around the home sweet home in shunyi

This is the new home from the outside and the compound around it. There isn’t that much to see in our house yet as we are still waiting for new furniture to arrive (and to buy some more too). This gated area (everything is pretty much gated and guarded here) is pretty lush and offers kiddies some nice biking around it, and we decided to test it the other day.

The smallest one had to ride a tricycle (lots of pedalling for the poor boy) and it made the progress rather slow, but surprisingly he did anyway about a mile – which I find pretty astonishing! So here goes, China-style living:

entrance Our cute little entrance to the front garden 

Our house
The house is not a real looker but pretty nice inside
Home street
Our “street”. What I don’t understand is why only 5 of about 20 houses here are occupied. The rest are either being renovated or look pretty much abandoned. The owners forgot they had these houses too…?
lake walkways
We got a little lake – a bit green and definitely not suitable for swimming, but especially lit at night it looks pretty nice
little walkways
Kiddies have to be careful not to fall into the water as the side “railing” is pretty non-existent
got the message?
Advisory signs? Yes, I love flowers but I think they are telling not to pick them…
outdoor swimming
The outdoor swimming pools
outdoor activities
This kind of outdoor exercise equipment seemed to be pretty popular in central Beijing
I spy a playgound
I spy a playground with a train. Choo Choo!
Cute street signs
We don’t officially have street names here, but this is to help to navigate around the compound area… Cute colour!
Lovely trails circle around the houses
garden art
..and even some art on display
fire equipment?
Forgot to ask miss A. what it says here, so I just use my imagination that this is some sort of “fire station” as it’s red and has some tools
resting gazebos on the way
Gazebos for resting when the weather gets really hot
Flower gardens
And even some wild flower plantings and vegetable gardens can be found here

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