experiencing nfl in china

I never imagined that the NFL was in China too, but that is the case. They have their own league, and we just witnessed them playing the past weekend, plus of course there are TV channels broadcasting the actual US game plays.

Our kids actually have  never seen American football, so we dropped in the event to watch the game, and to try out some activities they had set up, and were rewarded each with our own NFL footballs (but mom, this ball is not round were the first comments from our little ones…) A fun event altogether!

NFL in China

Game time. Guess which kids liked the cheerleaders… 
 NFL in China
Mommy, why does he have a doggy cage on his face. is he going to bite someone? No Sweetie, let me tell you about this sport… 
NFL in China
Miss A. in training 
.NFL in China
We’ve completed all training!
NFL in China
Truthful combo – an injured and patched-up teddy and football..? 

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