expect the unexpected in finland

I would have called it a typical day of my childhood. My kids describe it as the ultimate adventure. I wonder if I have deprived my kids the basic “rights” of freedom other kids normally experience in Finland – exploring their neighbourhood, being surrounded by accessible nature and having plenty of free time. We haven’t practised any instrument, used the French flash card or opened the math book, but the kids have learned so many things I can’t even describe it all.

So, they have picked tons of blueberries and strawberries. Had oatmeal and blueberry soup for breakfast. Made meatballs, baked buns and blueberry pie. They have biked a ton the streets nearby and in the forest (did I feel wobbly since I haven’t biked for a year!), jumped for hours on the trampoline, built crosses for the pets that have passed away with the new Moomin toolkit, horsed around and asked all the time how they could help (please continue that when at home in China too…).

They have been to the ice cream van (it stopped for us right in front of the house!), swam in (what I think as) freezing water as the weather hasn’t been that warm, but they weren’t cold at all (I just sat in the sauna listening the radio). They have seen a tree being cut down and helped to saw little branches off.

Basically, they have been kids and were very good it at! We are all happy – and tired after being on the move all day long – and believe me it is long as our kids have been used to shorter days and try to follow the cycle of the sun; not a great idea in a country where the sun barely sets down at this time of the year!

Anyway, here goes the adventurous, but oh so normal Finnish day:

A day in the life of kids in Finland

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