enjoy the solstice celebrations around the world

This is the start of summer for many – the solstice, or  midsummer… celebrated around the world in different ways. Here in China we have the Dragon Boat Festival, whereas in Northern Europe it’s the Midsummer – and celebrated with dancing around a pole, midnight bonfires and retreating to summer cottages by the water.

Whatever way you celebrate, I hope you have a good one this year! So get out the strawberries, the bubbly, heat up the grill, enjoy the summer music and the night-less night – if you are lucky to be located north enough, as the night will start getting shorter soon…

Dragon Boat festival

Dragon Boats racing in China {image}

Midsummer bonfire

Midsummer bonfire in the night-less night of Finland {image}

Midsummer pole

Folk dancers around a midsummer pole {image}

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