going local: an enchanted day at groombridge place gardens

Groombridge entrance Collage

A sunny Sunday afternoon is the perfect day to discover Groombridge Place gardens – there is something for everyone, but especially so for families. You can start the journey by taking the an old diesel or steam train with Spa Valley Railway like we did [see the post here on Spa Valley trains]. The walk from the station is about 10 minutes, and also a really beautiful one through a little forest and a meadow.

Groombridge Place Collage

The entrance to Groombridge in through a sweeping walkway with the moated main house with left your right after the gates (the house itself is not open to the public, but its walled gardens are).

Groombridge Place Gardens_3

The formal gardens are lovely, but the key attraction of this place is the Enchanted Forest, which can be accessed by taking a little boat or walking along the river under the leafy trees – this is already a very relaxing experience and it just keeps getting better. By the ticket office there is also a lovely little cafe and a shop for relaxation.

Groombridge place - enchanted forest

There are so many things to discover and see for the children – all hidden inside this Enchanted Forest in somewhat random manner – meaning that everyone gets a nice walk around and parents have some beautiful scenery to admire while the children are playing rather than just the ordinary playground…

Other Groombridge attractions CollageIt is good to check the website prior going to Groombridge for they have a lot of seasonal activities there: we came across a field full of bouncy castles, some kids theatre show and demonstration of birds of prey. And of course there are some animals too such as this unusual zeedonkey!

Groombridge Enchanted Forest Collage

Fairy tales come true in the enchanted forest with pirate ships, dragons, little labyrinths, gypsy wagons, teepees, fortresses and more. The lion of Narnia also has made it here as well as by the pond the little houses from the Wind in the Willows – it’s time to let the imagination run wild and let the children run around!

Groombridge place - giant swings

There are giant swings past the bluebell woods (which bloom in April-May time) and they were the favourites of all our children (but I think that parents looked rather fearful with kids dangling few meters above the ground at times…)

Groombridge Place - Enchated Forest
Art in the forest. There are several paths around and surprises to be found…
Groombridge Place - Enchanted Forest
Sometimes it’s good to let the kids run until they drop…
 Groombridge Place - Enchated Forest
There are things to see – great trees to climb…
Groombridge Place - Enchated Forest
At times it feels almost tropical…
Groombridge Place river
The views and beautiful along the little river
Formal gardens of Groombridge
In the end it’s nice to take a rest and enjoy the formal gardens

Groombridge Place - Formal Gardens Collage

Groombridge Place
Time to bid farewell for Groombridge Place – we had a great day!

Groombridge Place mapIf you are lucky enough to have a warm and fine, there is a lovely, cozy little pub right next to the old railway station with a nice beer garden and a children’s play area too – highly recommended!


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