easter eggs and hunting

I must admit that the Easter sort of slipped by as we just moved house yesterday. I still got 200+ boxes to open and just could not locate my Easter decoration. The store was out of any kind of Easter eggs, but luckily I had at least bought some chocolate bunnies in advance for the kids. Truth be told, I think it was me who was more upset of not getting the Cadbury’s Cream Eggs than the kids!

Anyway, we did a little Easter Egg hunt of our own once the snowing stopped – yes, can you imagine sub-zero temperature and snowing in England on March 31st – I certainly was not prepared for it. I mean it’s warmer in Finland than here. Talk about global warming…

So each child had their own trail with further stops hidden inside the plastic eggs – colour-coded for each child as they had same pit-stops during the course. Oh it was so much fun for everyone. Little, simple things bring lots of happiness.

Lindt Easter bunnies and sheep
The rewards are waiting for egg hunters – Lindt Easter Bunnies and SheepEaster Egg hunters are ready to go
These little egg hunters are ready!

Look at my first clue!
We made tailored clues for each child – pictures for the twins and a trail map for Miss A.

Miss A. ready to explore
Miss A. and her map

Syotp 1 - the laundry rack
I spy the rack and my first eggs

I spy eggs!
Miss A. looking very determined

I spy Easter eggs
Looking for these maybe?

She's found something for sure...
…and then happy after collecting her clues in eggs

Ok, so my next clue is clearly a tree, but which one..?
Ok, which tree would this be?

Smile of success
Miss C. in the hideaway under the trees collecting her first eggs and the next clue

Looking for a circle
Now where is the circle?

Circle located...
Found it!

Someone else is now looking for the tree..
Miss C. on a mission to find her tree

Last stop and then run for the finish line and choco bunny
This is it – last clue collected. Ready to collect my choco bunny!


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