dream the dream when the reality does not meet expectations

Our much anticipated mountain trip is coming, but to our disappointment the lack of rain in Northern California means that there is no snow! Our first snow holiday will just become a holiday in a very cold place…I have been dreaming of beautiful sunsets to the tune of glistering snow, pulling kids in the snow and maybe even trying snowboarding again after so many years.

Luckily I was thinking of the backup when choosing the hotel and at least we can enjoy some swimming and skating, and Miss A. should be able to take her first skiing lesson in the upper hills in man-made snow. And one can still dream, with pretty images of snow and sunsets – and book another trip in mid-winter to the winter fun land.

That said, it’s time to pack some board games, re-read some good old Moomin stories (A very Finnish thing, if you have never heard of these sweet, gentle creatures it’s time to check them out!), figgy pudding and get ready to rest, as Christmas is after all a time for the family to enjoy being together.

Dreams of Lake Tahoe

The dream I’ve been dreaming for months of snow-covered forests and mountains {via}

Colours of Lake Tahoe

…and beautiful sunsets by the Lake Tahoe {via}

Winter in Lake Tahoe

Skiing of the tracks… {via}

...face the reality

…and the grimmer no-snow reality – but positively thinking hiking is an option now! {via}

Figgy pudding

“…Bring us some figgy pudding, and bring us some more…” {via}


Some of my favourite Moomin books, which are very cheap on Amazon at the moment – I love the Moominland Midwinter especially!


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