delectable modern trellises in juicy colours

Terra Trellis has a cool selection of funky modern trellises and arbors in juicy colours – how about orange, purple of bright green? Finally some funk for he garden to match the contemporary style of houses – or why not for a more classic house also: a funky, contemporary garden corner. These trellises also function as bright statements of arts and the price isn’t that bad either. A great addition to the garden altogether!

Terra TRellises

Selection of delectable Terra Trellises

Funky Terra colours

Funky colour selection

Terra Trellis herbal garden

Terra Trellis herbal garden

Gracie Arbor

Gracie Arbor in Aubergine colour

Ina Jr Wall Trellis

Ina Jr Wall Trellis in Berry colour

Vase Trellis

Vase Trellis in Petal colour

Akoris Trellis in Cloud colour

images Terra Trellis

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