cute and eco christmas idea – reusable hand towels

I love this idea and have already added a package in my shopping cart: uber-cute Eco Stilettos People towels – reusable and eco-friendly hand towels. The kids are consuming so much paper at meal times and when we travel, so I am hoping we can turn this into an eco-friendlier habit. I hope that the promise of these towels drying instantly is true, as I don’t want to ruin my handbag with dirty little towels.

They were available via OpenSky – one of those curated website (I confess I have probably joined them all for finding one-off treasures and great sales!) for $30 at the moment, and I joined they offered a $10 credit, so even a better deal! And should I mention that EcoStiletto has a lot of other cute little things too on offer! EcoStiletto People Towels - reusable hand towels

Review addition: we have thoroughly enjoyed using our reusable towels and after lots of chocolate smears and washes they are still clean and cool-looking. The added benefit of course is that we have cut down quite a lot our disposable kitchen paper usage, so this is truly a greener act, although is a small scale, but every little counts…

Update: after more than two years we still have these in use and they are still clean, despite almost daily use. So worth their price. This mom loves her reusable hand towels!

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