curious friday – taxi please

Happy Curious Friday! Oh I know it’s not really Friday but Wednesday today – but when one is on holiday, one sometimes loses track on what weekday it is. Anyway, getting a taxi can be pretty hard in Beijing, but clearly this is not the case in Hong Kong airport. We noted that taxis were somehow organised by their colour (red, green and blue) and got a bit curious…

And this is why you see this colour-coded taxi clusters: red ones cover most of the Hong Kong but Lantau Island and Tung Chung Road – I guess they can go there too but web sources stated it costs then more than a green or blue one…live and learn is what I say! They gave us lots of joy during our HK stopover – kids had fun guessing what colour taxi they would see next in front of our window (other than red for obvious reasons …)

Red taxis in HK airport

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