curious friday – i’ll make that car fit in the parking space…

I certainly am cautious when trying to park the car and often think that my car is not going fit and try to find another location. I clearly don’t have the confidence this driver in China has, he just made his car fit in the small space no matter what…great flexibility and thinking out of the box I’d say!

Here you’d likely get a ticket for it, but this car seemed to fine at that least that day. With this curious Friday pictures it’s time to wish happy weekend again – and remember it’s the last one before the big festivities so get your shopping done!

curious friday car pic

p.s. if you have read previous curious Friday posts you might wonder if all that our family spotted in China were vehicles; but that certainly is not true. The archives have tons of pictures of food and sightseeing too, and this following, somewhat curious picture shall be the proof of it…

Curiuos friday - signs

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