curious friday – from this come back

From this come back – oh, so true in life. We spotted this on a mountainside in a temple and kept guessing whether it was a dead end or a loop. It was a loop, but the end results is pretty much the same; you gotta go back to where you came from…

This week I got another interpretation for this sign when in California: on my day two I had a lovely lunch with a friends – and few hours later I was so sick I passed out and my other friends had to call the ambulance for me. I had the most horrific food poisoning I have ever experienced (this wasn’t the first one for me).

So instead of girls night out with drinks, some shopping and hiking I got to spend a lot of time in ER (but it’s worth mentioning that Stanford is worth is reputation and I was well taken care of). And it took me couple of days to recover, but certainly from this I come back to being normal – with the bonus of few pounds lost on the way. I am trying to think positively about the whole episode, and here is my list of top good things that came out of it:

1. I found out how amazing friend I have as she chose miss an important even and sat all night long by my bed at the hospital without pretty much any food and drink for herself

2. I got to know my friend really well as we kept talking for hours while waiting for my test results and the IV drips to finish – the kind of good “girl talk”

3. We’ve done some great recovery pampering with a pedicure and manicure, massage and even a Chinese foot massage combined with a trip to fab new restaurant (they had such a great salad and soup bar plus a devilishly good chocolate cake)

4. I got to slow down and rest – and rest certainly is often underrated. I don’t get to “holiday” often without my kids, and it feels nice not to preparing this and that all the time…

So, from this (incident) I have come back for sure!

from this come back

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