conquering ben nevis (the range, that is…)

A sudden flash in the mind reminded me that Ben Nevis was something special when we saw the sign on the road. Oh yes, the tallest mountain in Britain! with a nice gondola going up (which our kids love). So off went to investigate the Ben Nevis mountain range.

Approaching Ben Nevis range
Sunshine just brings the best out of the nature!

Few minutes earlier the weather was nice and sunny, but the lift station notice promised +6 c (43F) and mild rain, possibly even snow the day after. Silly girls of ours didn’t want to change clothes, so up we went with two girls wearing skirts – I was thinking that maybe next time they’ll listen mom and dad’s advice a bit better…and up we went for a little hiking adventure!

Going up to Ben Nevis range
Going up with the gondola and admiring fearless mountain bikers coming down the hill in full speed

Ben Nevis range3As one can guess this is a skiing resort in winter time. The lifts do not go all the way to the top, and the walk we did also doesn’t reach the summit of Ben Nevis. I imagine it’s possible to hike there, but it was not in our agenda for the day with under-dressed kids, wind and light drizzle. We just took the short trail to the next hilltop to admire views to surrounding valleys, the kids had a go at the playground and off we went again towards our next stop in Oban area.

Ben Nevis range2
Views stretching all the way to the loch (lake) – still beautiful despite the grey-ish weather

Despite the foggy weather the views were still pretty and air the air certainly felt very fresh and energizing. This was a lovely little break from driving and a good afternoon coffee break (there is a cafe with food next to the lift station) as everything always seems to taste so good when up in the mountains and after a little hike, especially hot drinks if one is feeling a tiny bit cold also…

Ben Nevis range4
“Mom, I am feeling a bit cold.” “Oh sweetie, I told you so. Next time please do dress up like I ask you to…”
Ben Nevis range6
A little hike gives you nearly a 360 view over several valleys
Ben Nevis range6
BIdding goodbye for this enchanting mountain area


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