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Ever since I burned my leather trunk coffee table with a hot teapot while living in the first House of Anaïs I have been a great fan of coasters and hot pads for my cups, mugs, plates and pots. I have a collection of all kinds of coasters – there are the wooden ones, plastic ones, glass ones, leather one, cork ones… And now I have finally silicone ones.

But both the wooden and leather ones don’t like moisture too much, plastic ones are generally great and were my favourites (especially these Marimekko ones) before discovering silicone but sometimes they bend and often cannot be unbent, glass ones are cute but break easier, and cork ones – even when coated go bad so easily – just like the Christmas-themed one here. So I was happy to try the silicones ones.

These Coaster Notz cuties come also from Modern Twist – just like those eco-friendly colorable kids placemats that have a been huge success in our household(link here). This means that they are also eco-friendly and part of the proceeds are donated to good causes. Silicone can resist heat well, they are flexible and work especially well for me as little note cards on the run (I always seem to loose my notepads and post-it notes).

The same goes with the hot pads – I have metal ones (work great but hurt if dropped on feet and are heavier), fabric ones (they get dirty and even burned sometimes), cork (works well, but isn’t the prettiest thing in the neighbourhood). This orange cutie called Trivetz is great to look at, has been easy to clean and can be used with other to make a larger surface if needed (and I keep it n my counter as it is great to look at unlike the fabric and cork ones).

My verdict:  lots of love by far for all Modern Twist products. I like my things cute and functional and if they are also eco-friendly and recyclable that’s really great!

Coasters of all kinds

Part of my coaster collection consisting of all sorts of materials

Modern Twist eco silicone coasters

The eco-friendly silicone coasters – easy to clean and can we written on and wiped off easily – so can be used as place cards too!

Modern Twist Trivetz

The cute hot pad, also made from silicone. This also comes from Modern Twist selection and is called Trivetz

SIlicone coasters

Coasters in cute patterns and colours


A selection of the cute silicone coaster patterns (mine are the purple ones pictured here and I am thinking of getting those cute grey ones with the lime green leaf type prints)


Cute hot pads from Modern Twist that can be combined together

bottom images Modern Twist

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