bee-cause i love you…

Little bees buzzing – it’s the English Mothers Day! We’ve got wellies at school, at the boot of my Land Rover, at the tractor shed – and now also on the table filled with flowers. We not live in the countryside and seem to be getting suitable-for-the-theme presents. The same way at the school parking lot it’s not the Jimmy Choos that take the centrepiece, but wellies. Mud and puddles, boys playing rugby and girls hockey wellies are essential. Yes, I live in the wellies world!

And therefore, I guess it is obvious that mom got wellies on her day too. I think I’ll continue with the theme and ask for a boot rack for the house entrance as my birthday present for all the wellies we got…So all the Mother’s in England – I hope you had a great Mothers Day and also got fabulous DIY presents from your little ones like I did!

Happy mothers day - wellies and flowers!

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