back to the basics…

A little cottage by the sea or a lake, that’s what Finnish summer is made of. It can be a lovely, albeit a bit primal experience depending if the cottage running water and electricity or not (but be assured, getting wireless Internet and mobile phone coverage is pretty much guaranteed…).

This year hot weather (officially defined as being over the 77F/25c limit) has barely been seen. We were somewhat lucky – there was the biggest thunderstorm and torrential rain I’ve experienced in the country, but the weather before the storm was pretty amazing – and just perfect for a glass of bubbly (but where were the chocolate-dipped strawberries??).

The mom’s heaven was the brunch at a lakeside bakery, afternoon bubbly, BBQ and new interior magazines while cooling the feet in the lake. The kids heaven was hours of water play, picking blueberries, making bark boats and fishing.

summer refreshments

Key ingredients include something on the dry side…

bark boats departing

Sending off bark and moss boats


A little fishing session

midnight reflection

Midnight dreaming

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