baby steps in making a house into a home: next kids bedroom

This whole new house thing takes a lot of time and effort! I think every room is getting there more like step by step rather than at once. If you recall the transformation of Miss Celeste’s room, my big Miss Anais’ would be similar one: starting point dull off-white walls with slanted ceiling and cream carpet.

Anais kids bedroo Collage

The same goes here as in the other rooms: in comes warm reddish walnut floors and two accent walls of room occupant’s choice: amazingly her selection matches to the tone of her new desk! So instead of just accent wall I did two, because the back wall is rather low and the wall next to it had the cupboard doors and stuff, so there was no long, full wall to paint. And the end result was pretty nice (the painting artist being me again as usual…)

Girl's bedroom in blue

So what’s old and what’s new? Old white bed and bookshelf remains, there is also the multi-colour nightstand that came from China, and the white tallboy we bough in April.  The fuchsia rug is still running strong too, and after a wash it’s all so soft and fluffy again… The new part obviously is the blue desk and we haven’t found a new chair yet (old one will go the Celeste as she’s in the all about pink and violet phase)… The curtains, a temporary solution until we find a nice fabric.

The butterflies are a hot thing at the moment, and I found these fabulous 3D butterflies in matching tones. The only issue they have is that the sticker is quite wear, so I bought better two-sided sticker and they work well!

Little memoirs of America, China and travels have gone on the walls, and we are in the process of crafting some more: such as a framed quarter-collection of every US state and the other territories…

So my big girl is growing up and her taste is developing too as she is leaving the little girl pink-phase behind and entering a blue phase…so exciting and sad at the same time!

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