after a summer break #igtravelthursday is back again – my highlights of slovenia

Autumn is here, the foliage is starting to show some lovely shades of yellows and reds, and suitably our #IGTravelThursday linky is coming back too as a monthly link-up. I came back few days ago from Slovenia – a country I’ve never been to before and had some amazing mini-adventures there.

The best thing about Slovenia for me was the amazing nature – it’s still pristine and calling you to go hiking, biking, swimming, boating and exploring underground cave lakes where bones of pre-ice-age cave bears still can be seen. Totally breathtaking and combined with friendly people and amazing food & wine it was a heavenly trip for me. I wholeheartedly agree to their slogan – I feel Slovenia, too and will be sharing all the delights I got to experience there in coming weeks!

{You can find my first Slovenian trip on Instagram with #homemadetours hashtag.}

‘Hiking on a trail going alongside the mountains you can find this amazing natural window overlooking a green valley where pretty little villages are scattered and surrounded by vineyards’


‘Descending into a pitch-black prehistoric cave network of lakes in Križna Jama where it’s always cool and the water is crystal-clean. No lights or wide path structures have been installed here; it’s all very natural with stalagmites stalactites everywhere.’


‘Walking on top of Cerkno Hill (at the ski resort) mountain at sunset. At the far horizon one can see the three peaks of Slovenia’s highest mountain Triglav, which are also featured in the country’s flag.’


‘My first ever hay ride with horse carriage at Levar farm. It was a warm, sunny day and the little road weaved between two parts of the Cerknica Lake where people were swimming. A lovely afternoon moment of relaxation.’

You can find more of my photos on Pinterest where I have created a ‘Discovering Slovenia’ Pinboard. I’ll be adding there more photos from this trip as well as from any future trip I’ll be taking.

Discovering Slovenia Pinterest Board by Houseofanais

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