adventure of a different kind in kerala, southern india with #keralablogexpress – day 9

Monday March 9th

Celebration of the International Women’s Day in India. Happy to see that progress is made all over the world and at least once a year a little recognition is shown to women everywhere. We were gifted these beautiful carved wooden boxes and fresh fragrant jasmine flower bud chains. Hope everyone else had a lovely celebration also!

Intl Womens Day
‘Happy International Women’s Day 2015’

Our highlands adventures continue with one of the most anticipated areas: the Munnar tea region. Narrow and winding roads cutting though these short-clipped tea bushes, with high mountain peaks covered in blue mist in the horizon. I love hiking through rows and rows of tea bushes almost as much as drinking tea! Those little pleasures of life…

Tea country India
‘Finally at Munnar tea country. Tea plantations on rolling hills is of the most beautiful sights I know’

But, there is a price to pay for this kind of adventures: our larger-than-life bus travelling on roads that back at home would barely take one car with people passing left and right – and then there were the oncoming buses…

And why oh why was I sitting on the window side, staring down few hundred of meters while our bus was backing and trying to pass these buses. Yep, see below, we did pass this bus also right here. Indian traffic is chaos but they certainly are good (or crazy) drivers! This wasn’t quite the kind of experience I was seeking, but certainly one of those that make you appreciate better the roads back home…

Narrow Indian mountain roads
“Heart attack moment: one big bus about to pass this smaller bus in a one-lane, cliff-top spot. Seems impossible, yet we survived to tell the story…’

Disclosure: This trip was sponsored and part of the Kerala Tourism #KeralaBlogExpress 2 -initiative. All opinion expressed here are my own and are based on my personal experiences in Kerala. 


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